Laravel vs CMS

Laravel enables developers to create bespoke admin user areas, online payments, user authentication, full text searches… the options available to developers using Laravel are vast.

Ever since we were founded in 2003, Adido has always built websites to meet the exact needs of our clients. Building a bespoke website is in our DNA. Over the years of working with PHP, things have changed considerably, with bespoke development projects getting faster and easier to manage thanks to the huge advances in tools available.

Laravel has been around for nearly a decade now and gives our web development team a brilliant base to start building websites from. What used to take a week of time from our web developers can now be added and ready to go in a matter of hours.

Whilst we advocate the use of off the shelf CMS’ like MODX, Craft or Silverstripe, sometimes taking something pre-built and reworking it to meet a client’s needs creates more problems than it solves.

Unfortunately we see this far too often where a website is developed with little thought for the future because it is ‘cheaper’ only to then become redundant in the future. A cheap Wordpress site might work well for a year or two but once the business evolves and user needs change, you can often end up with layers of complexity which make even making a small development change potentially hazardous!