Make bookings for parking more profitable.

Build awareness of their package holidays and city breaks.

A clear challenge awaited us and we couldn’t wait to
get stuck in!

When we took over the account we realised that the bids for the key terms had been set very high. The client always maintained they wanted No.1 position for peak season, but we found that they were still paying over the odds.

Competitors had been bidding heavily on their own brand term which had been driving up the cost of their own bids. To reduce the Cost Per Click (CPC) we needed to increase the quality score and deter the competitors.

We went ahead and submitted a trademark exclusion to stop competitors using Southampton brand terms in their ad text, thus making their ads less effective. We also ran a series of A/B tests on landing pages to increase the conversion rate.

By using Google Ads experiments we were able to implement a CPC reduction strategy to help reduce overall costs by 68% and increasing ROI by 85% while maintaining average positions.

The Results

An agency collaboration

During our time on the account we built a close working relationship with all the agency partners. The collaborative approach, meant we had complete transparency which resulted in faster and better decisions, which delivered an increased ROI.

  • 68%

    reduction in
    cost per click

  • 34%

    increase in

  • 46%

    increase in
    return on investment

  • 39%

    reduction in
    cost of conversion

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