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KTM Design is an interior design company based in Bournemouth, serving the whole of Dorset and the south of the UK. With a stunning portfolio of commercial, residential & hospitality spaces, KTM Design wanted a digital marketing strategy to match the growth ambition of the business and to help it become the number one interior design agency on the south coast.

They initially believed the quickest and best way to drive new lead volume was to invest in PPC activity. However, the B2B space in PPC can carry high click costs putting pressure on conversion rates and budgets. It's also only a short term solution for any business with low budgets because to generate traffic and leads you have to continually spend and keep ads live. We believed an organic search strategy would benefit the business in the short and long term, and set about recommending suitable SEO options to achieve some quick wins and establish a steady stream of website visits and leads that could become self perpetuating.

Style with substance

With an appetite to bring in more leads but with a lack of online presence for revenue driving commercial terms, KTM needed an SEO strategy as well as optimised content to drive visibility and increase conversions.

With a stylishly designed website, which showed just how design-led KTM Design are, a lack of search friendly content was holding them back. Whilst conversion rates for localised projects were higher than locations further afield, there was not enough local content to pull in visitors or beat the competition in SERPs.

A local SEO approach

With vast experience in SEO strategies and by demonstrating to KTM Design previous successes, a three-pronged attack was decided upon, national SEO, local SEO & content marketing.

Before any work was undertaken, we needed to ensure the technical setup of the site was in order, this included a full technical audit, recommended changes, and implementation of the changes. Once this was complete and only when complete, could we address landing pages and rankings for generic & commercial keywords.

The national and local campaigns aimed to achieve slightly different but valuable goals. The local campaign focused on strong page 1 dominance for all local terms and increase local residential leads, while the national campaign looked to improve page 1 visibility and drive commercial leads.

23 new pages were created and optimised, with a split between location-based keywords such as ‘interior designers in” and type of design such as ‘luxury interior designers.’

Dorset's go-to interior designers

Within a year, the overall average keyword position increased from 90 to 61, with valuable position 1 rankings achieved for terms like ‘interior design Bournemouth’ & ‘interior designers in Bournemouth’ all of which also appear in the Google local pack listings.

Success wasn’t just local, the national keywords also saw increases, with terms such as ‘commercial interior designers London’ increasing from position 33 to position 10.

In total, 65 tracked keywords improved their position, with 24 of those ranking in the top 10 positions.

Improvements to the breadth and depth of keyword coverage in SERPs from both increased ranking positions and new ranking pages has helped organic traffic to improve by 65% YoY and goal conversions grow by as much as 80% YoY.

increase in organic traffic
increase in conversions

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