Recouping traffic and revenue from a site migration

Initially Adido worked with Manutan purely on a consultative level, supporting their internal marketing teams. Following some changes internally at Manutan, Adido were asked to take the reins of the company's search marketing performance across PPC and SEO. Manutan had just gone through a full site migration and a complete rebrand, from ‘Key’ to Manutan, which resulted in a significant and immediate loss of traffic and revenue from the site.

A strategy needed to be devised and put in place as quickly as possible to get Manutan back to where they wanted to be. As with many ecommerce projects increasing sales, revenue & ROAS was a key objective, but we first had to ensure the site was in the best possible position following the migration, to reap the rewards.

PPC & SEO working hand in hand

SEO & PPC teams began working together immediately, sharing keyword research findings to identify high revenue keywords. We reviewed how much organic traffic priority products gained and used historical PPC data to help understand which keywords actually offer ROI.

A deep dive into data followed. This included seeing which keywords needed a PPC boost if they didn't rank organically. Bolstering organic traffic with PPC offered an interim solution to recoup search traffic and sales.

A site wide technical audit was thoroughly conducted to ensure no post-migration faults remained, and that the site was in good coding health. This was combined with on-page optimisation which aimed to improve organic keyword relevancy, shopping feed quality, and conversion rates. The changes also resulted in better search rankings and higher quality scores.

With PPC working hard to drive tactical day-to-day revenue, the SEO team focused their attention on a content marketing approach.

Centred around a content hub, the team created a library of articles addressing frequently asked questions, matching the content to product categories and items, for extra SEO value and sales.

With PPC and SEO now working hand-in-hand, the strategy really started to bear fruit.

As organic rankings increased, we adjusted PPC budgets to ensure no spend was wasted. This enabled us to see great results, even seeing consecutive record breaking months of revenue.

“It is always a pleasure to work with Adido, we have so many nice things to say about you!

Thank you for all of your hard work over the last year whilst I have been off – It has been great to come back to an account that has been performing really well.”

Victoria Vaughn
Digital Projects Manager - Manutan
The Results

Record breaking revenue

Following the implementation of the SEO & PPC strategy we saw improved rankings for targeted keywords, PPC Quality Score increases thanks to improved landing page relevance and impressive results across the board.

Total revenue targets were exceeded, whilst ROAS expectations were also surpassed.

In June and July 2020, Manutan recorded their highest ever online revenue, each month exceeding their best ever sales numbers.


PPC activity saw some great increases in the first year.

Pallet trucks revenue up 124% YOY and an 84% increase in ROAS YOY

Storage revenue up 200% YOY and a 32% increase to ROAS YOY

  • 50%

    increase in
    conversions YOY

  • 34%

    decrease in CPC
    (Cost Per Click)

  • 50%

    improvement to CPA
    (Cost per Acquisition)


Organically over 50 content pieces have been written and published as well as the keyword analysis, on page optimisation and ongoing technical analysis.

‘Lockers’ keyword objective was page 1 – achieved position 3 on page 1.

Lockers revenue up 49% YOY (Jun – Aug 2020 YOY)

  • #26

    average ranking position
    (up from 39)

  • 52%

    increase in organic
    transactions YOY

  • 22%

    increase in organic
    revenue YOY

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