Web analytics platforms reviewed

With so many web analytics platforms out there, we've reviewed some of the most popular options and ones that have caught our eye:

Our review is no substitute for getting first-hand experience yourself, however it always helps to be pointed in the right direction. If you've only ever known Google Analytics then a world without it can seem like a scary place, but rest assured there are some pretty impressive and suitable alternative options out there.

Google Analytics 4 is definitely one option to consider, but configuring a new account and getting to grips with the user interface (UI) plus throw in BigQuery for analysis beyond 14 months, we believe simply transitioning across might not be the most sensible option for some website owners and marketers.

Here's a little summary and introduction into a selection of the alternative analytics platforms on the market to start you on your journey to a better analytics solution for your business. And if in doubt, we'd be happy to work with you on this discovery so please get in touch or join us at our next webinar.