Our challenge was to effectively measure success and develop a robust digital strategy that would provide them with a solid foundation to build from.

We had to go back to basics. We had to dig deep into their data to give them guidance on reporting and analysis to determine what good looked like and to set goals.

Attributing returning customers correctly

The website uses an insurance quoting engine which doesn’t allow customers to return to the site to complete their purchase if they’ve previously abandoned during the quote phase. The interruption in the transaction made using standard tracking tools tricky to say the least...

However, we wanted to close the loop on tracking ROI, so with further fiddling, jiggery pokery and some very clever spreadsheet work, we went on to identify all new sales that had been generated via the website. In addition to that, we were able to attribute them correctly.

The process of tallying online with offline was initially done manually. Once we all agreed that it was working, we developed a reporting process which combines Google Analytics data with our clients database information via APIs, automated queries and data imports.

This gave us a totally automated daily real time report of spend and sales.

website to consider options
insurance quote(s) for relevant service(s)
New customer arrives on website
Returns to website
Explores existing quote already saved
the policy online or via the phone directly

Dominating search and converting

Once the analysis and reporting mechanisms were in place it was all systems go for dominating the search results, driving conversions up and lowering the cost per acquisition.

We introduced content campaigns to increase Event Insurance’s brand presence in the marketplace and to improve their search rankings, especially in key product areas.

These results all help to prove that data, tech, marketing, SEO, PPC and content marketing are essential when developing a successful digital marketing strategy. It’s a good job we have them all in house!

We used PPC to test advert copy and determine what messages resonate best with the audience and also tweaked landing pages to maximise conversion rates, in some cases by 20%.

Year on year the new policies from organic search are up 25%, paid search conversion rates have improved by 15% and return on paid ad spend has improved 32%.

As well as dominating the paid ad space for Event Insurance Services we have also helped them to rank No.1 for ‘event insurance’, beating off major competition from big, global insurers in the market.

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